Data sheet crimptool C50S
crimptool C 50 S  
Crimping tool for copper terminals


crimptool C50 S

Professional and extremely solid multi-stroke crimping tool with needle beared eccentic ratchet mechanism.

Rotating crimp star crimp for teminals according to DIN 46234

• terminals according to DIN 46234 (6-35 mm²)
• non-DIN type terminals (10-50 mm²) with separate crimping star







  • High press force at low hand force
  • Ratchet mechanism to ensure high crimp quality
  • Release option in the case of operating error
  • Easy removal of crimped connection by hinged head

The electricity and power supply has to be absolutely reliable, so that you can count on a perfect function.
The use of proper tools guarantee high quality in new as well as in later or additional installation, maintenance or repair.

Most suitable for electrical installers.


Technical data:
Press force: 25 KN
Travel: 8 mm
Weight: 1,3 g
Lenght:    310 mm

part number
crimptool C50S  
with crimping star for terminals according to DIN 46234 ( 6- 35 mm²)  
Die sets
for standard terminals  
Table: die sets
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