Data sheet fixit SET
fixtit SET  
Multi-functional tool

The newly designed fixit multi-functional hand tool with its solid toggle joint, parallel and grip function combines more than 10 functions by easily exchangeable die sets.
It is fast adjustable and therefore it can be used like different kinds of pliers, grip pliers, mini vice, wrench, crimping or blind riveting tool

Have you always wanted to save space and weight and still be fully equipped for almost every work?

  • Toggle joint tool with parallel funktion
  • adjustable to self-gripping pliers or to normal function
  • jaw opening continuously adjustable
  • The fixit SET can also be individually configured

Then, the new fixit is the ideal tool for you with its versatile application possibilities.

Most suitable for skippers, mechanic installers and every “do-it-yourselfer”.

Technical data
Weight: 710 g
Length: 275 mm
Content :   part number
fixit SET   4050001
1 basic tool frame fixit
4 pliers die sets    
- pliers with wire cutter combined
- pipe wrench
- flat pliers serrated
- flat pliers unserrated, also suitable as wrench die set,
  adjustable for hexagon head screws up to 19 mm size
3 Crimp die sets for    
- ferrules 0.5 – 6.0 mm²
- coax connectors RG 58, 59, 62
- insulated terminals 0.5 – 6.0 mm²
1 blind riveting attachment  
for aluminium rivets Ø 2.4 – 5.0 mm

5 x 25 alu blind rivets
in mm
3.2         8.0          3.5-5.5
4.0         8.0          3.5-6.0
4.0         12.0         6.5-9.0
4.8         10.0         3.5-7.0
4.8         14.0         7.0-10.5

In a solid storage case
Further accessories
crimp die sets for other applications on request
aluminium blind rivets Ø 3.2 – 4.8 mm
see datasheet BLIND RIVETS
The fixit tool also be individually configured
see datasheet fixit

We reserve us the right for technical changes.