Data sheet set IT-WF
set IT-WF / set IT-WF PLUS  

Tool-set for electrical installation

The new set IT-WF / set IT-WF PLUS includes a large assortment of standard wire ferrules (0,5 - 16,0 mm²) as well as a crimping tool for wire ferrules up to 16 mm².

crimptool TF    crimptool TF PLUS



0,5 16,0 mm²




  • basic tool frame with ratchet and built-in safety release, garantees proper electrical connection
  • adjustable crimp pressure
  • easy change of crimp dies by means of thumb screws
    (crimptool TF)
  • easy change of crimp dies with quick release feature
    (crimptool TF PLUS)
  • 2-components handles
  • matt chrome plated tool frame

The power supply must be absolutely reliable, so that you can always count on perfect performance.
Suitable tools guarantee a good quality job in the installation, whether for the new wiring or for the later installation, maintenance or repair.

The right equipment for the electricial installer.


part number
set IT-WF
with 1 crimptool TF
with 1 crimptool TF PLUS
1 exchangeable crimp die set
for wire ferrules with or without collar 0,5 16,0 mm²

Assortment of wire ferrules colour code DIN

  • 500 pcs. 0,5/8 mm² white
  • 500 pcs. 0,75/8 mm² grey
  • 500 pcs. 1,0/8 mm² red
  • 500 pcs. 1,5/8 mm² black
  • 500 pcs. 2,5/8 mm² blue
  • 250 pcs.4,0/10 mm² grey
  • 180 pcs.6,0/12 mm² yellow
  • 100 pcs. 10,0/12 mm² red
  •  50 pcs. 16,0/12 mm² blue
in a durable plastic storage case
Further accessories:

crimp die sets for other applications
wire ferrules with different colour code on request.

We reserve us the right for technical changes.