data sheet crimptool SL


crimptool SL



Crimp tool for Nicopress copper sleeves and (stainless) steel wires

crimptool SL Crimp tool with long levers and toggle joint mechanism for the transmission of high press forces for crimping of Nicopress copper sleeves on steel wires Ø 2 - 6 mm.

No die change is necessary, since the tool is equipped with special, rotating stars with 6 crimp nests: you just need to adjust the "stars" to the required cross section.



  • High power transmission due to toggle joint mechanism
  • Rotating crimp stars with 6 crimp nests for 6 different diameters of steel wires: 2 / 2,5 / 3 / 4 / 5 and 6 mm

Ideal for for yacht equipment dealers, sailors, service mechanics as well as for industries and trade working with steel cables.


for Nicopress copper sleeves

for wire diameters
from 2 - 6 mm



Technical data
Weight: 4 Kg
Length: 660 mm



part number

crimptool SL




copper sleeves: see data sheet Nicopress sleeves


Optional Accessories:
Crimp die set for copper cable lugs: see crimptool C120

We reserve us the right for technical changes.