Data sheet rivettool CASE 5.0N
rivettool CASE 5.0N  
blind riveting tool case

The solid blind riveting tool rivettool 5.0, with its 360° rotatory riveting head, allows working in every angle and small or difficult to reach places. No complicated conversion of the riveting head.
By means of additional easy to change parts, the tool can also be used for riveting nuts up to M 6


Rivet joints often last longer than screw joints, especially on strong vibration or when thin materials must be fixed durably.

  • 360° swivel riveting head
  • for aluminium blind rivets with Ø 2.4 – 5.0 mm
  • for riveting nuts from M3 – M6


Most suitable for skippers, mechanic installers and every “do-it-yourselfer”.
Technical data
Weight: 760 g
Length: 280 mm
Content :   part number
rivettool case 5.0N   4030011
Riveting tool with accessories for
blind rivets and riveting nuts
1 stable storage caser    
aluminium blind rivets Ø 3.2 – 4.8 mm
see data sheet BLIND RIVETS
see data sheet BLIND RIVET SETS
rivet nuts M3 – M6
see data sheet RIVET NUTS
see data sheet RIVET NUT SETS
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